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The definition of a Ronin is a Samurai without a Master. Grappling Ronin is an open source study hall style Jiu Jitsu community where we can grow and learn Jiu Jitsu from one another.

At the current facility located in Cumming Iowa, 10 minutes from Des Moines, there is over 350 sqft of grappling mats to be used as a collective learning space. There are scheduled times for Adult fundamental classes and open mats. At Grappling Ronin we don't want money to be a reason someone can't train. All classes are Pay What You Can donations. This is Iowa's only donation based Jiu Jitsu gym. The funds donated are used for improvements and growth for the gym and property.

The schedule can be seen Here. After joining for free and becoming a member you will be sent an email to download the app Wix Spaces. You'll use this app to reserve your mat space. Space is limited. 

Become a member for FREE and reserve your mat times today! JOIN HERE

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